Milton Pleasure League
Since 1980
Over the years our League has presented to individual players the
annual  Memorial Award. The is was named in memory of past League Executive
who have passed away. Specifically,  Stan Edgar, Bob Dance, Al Brodie, Norm
Kerwin and Art Brooks.

Each individual plague reads as follows;

In recognition for years of dedication and outstanding service to our League. Your
contribution, promotion of the Leagues principles, sense of sportsmanship, and
love of the game, set the ultimate example of the standards upon which our league
is based

Here is a list of recipients of the award from the past;

Benny Hall
Bob Haston
Cliff Booth
Bob Little
Bruce McFarlane
Clarence Haringa
Dave Lawrence
Gord Gent
John Carroll
Roger Lauzon
Steve Leachman
Verne O'Neil
Calvin Snow
Grant Woodall

The list above was comprised from interviews with members, it may be
incomplete. If you know of any missing names, please contact the League.
Memorial Award